Anne Juul ChristophersenAnne shares parts of her soul within every painting she creates

- From the article "THE UNDERDOG LONDON: EXPLORING ONE OF LONDON’S PIVOTAL GALLERIES" by Natalia Joruk in Beautiful Bizarre

»Her stories describing her love of art (even as a child, smelling new felt pens with relish before jumping into making up stories and creatures) made it clear Anne is an artist who shares parts of her soul within every painting she creates, to produce which I repeatedly heard people describe as paintings which ‘connect with something inside of them’, even if they didn’t know what.

“That’s exactly what I also often hear from people who look at my paintings.” muses Anne.

“My paintings touch and trigger something within them: memories, sensations, feelings.

As I wander around in nature, where I live, I observe and listen to the wonders of nature surrounding me and that makes me able to search within myself.

I believe it’s a kind of connection between my inner [self] and the nature outside, and by far most of the ideas for my paintings take form right there in that connection.

When I return to my studio, I make a quick and loose sketch to make sure that the images don´t fade away.

I think that when my paintings touch the viewer, it’s because the viewer is reminded of that same connection.

The connection was probably a lot stronger when they were kids, so when my paintings remind them of it, they probably feel a glimpse of that connection again.” «

Natalia Joruk - Beautiful Bizarre - October 24th 2018

The Underdog London: Exploring One of London’s Pivotal Galleries


The Pendulum / Pendulet
(in Danish)


Anne signing the Somnia catalogue
Anne Juul signing the "Somnia" catalogue

The "Somnia" catalogue 
The "Somnia" catalogue 

Sebastian Nybo and Anne Juul at Galerie Wolfsen
Sebastian Nybo and Anne Juul at Galerie Wolfsen

Anne Juul Christophersen

A Wonderful World of Magical Realism

It is at the edge of fragility that you meet the little girls. Behind their slender faces lies an inscrutability and you never quite know what they are up to. It’s as if their mood changes depending on how the light catches them. Under a mischievous smile hides a strong will, a will to take the reins and get what they want. And they do; get what they want, that is.

”Always cherish your dreams,” says the girl to the bear. And just as we believe it when Murakami’s cat begins to speak, then you just know that the girl and the bear, the fox and the hare, and the birds have long conversations together. Especially when you stand close and listen, or when you are just about to doze off, – then you can hear their voices. The deep, calm tones of the bear are replaced by the voices of the girls, which sound like water trickling in a clear stream, gurgling effortlessly and straightforward. But do not make the mistake of believing that this means that you can push them around. Because once the girls and the bears and the birds and the other animals that make up their entourage - set their minds to something, then that’s the way it will be.

”The bear is sleeping,” is what they say in the woods and I am in no doubt. NOW it is quiet. Effortlessly, the dream lifts the bear, the bed and the girl high up over the tree tops… Onwards on their shared journey.

Nor do I question the girls’ ability as “Dreamcatchers”. Even though I am now quite sure that they are only holding them gingerly in their little hands… And then setting them free again. They are agile enough to ensure they never get fairy dust on their fingers, but curious enough to take a little peek. They can also start to fiddle slightly with a dream, – but only if it gets boring. To be an experienced “Dreamstarter” is the best thing in the world, because then you can sprinkle equal amounts of horror and sparkle in yourself.”Sweet dreams”, although it’s wise to always keep one eye half open when they are nearby.

No one is ever left alone facing anything, that could be better facing together. All these beings are meshed together by unconditional trust and limitless generosity. They are there for each other and find natural pleasure in doing what each of them is good at. Whether that is flying, jumping, strolling or dreaming - all are just as important.

Nature’s forces flow out of the woods, which smell as only woods can just after the rain, fresh and clear. In the liquid air where marshland and shadows mix with sorrel and bark, the Devas buzz.

Just as slight notes of lavender, apple and juniper give the gin its own individual character, so too is Anne able to give her works a wholly unique personal touch.  “And suddenly it becomes so easy to see,” because you are never in any doubt as to who the artist is, because she is there in the work. 

Sebastian Nybo

Writer, Speaker and Fan

From the exhibition catalogue published by Galerie Wolfsen for Anne Juul Christophersen´s solo "Somnia" - March 2018


Anne Juul Christophersen is one of our younger female artists, who have already marked themselves with paintings, wandering about between the imaginative, the magical and the realistic.

By the first look, her paintings seem so innocent: A little girl sitting in the arms of a big sweet teddy bear, but oops – is she in danger of being eaten?

A girl is standing in a forest with some small yellow birds on her arm, behind her lurks a big empty phantom house. What´s going on?

Well, you ask yourself that question all the time, by the sight of her paintings.

The artist often uses the forest as a metaphor of the threatening and the problematic. And she always includes people in her paintings, where the horror is always just around the corner.

Trine Ross has written the fine text to the first book about an artist of whom we will definitely hear much more about.

Ole Lindboe, Magasinet Kunst , nr. 3, 2011